About Us

How We Started

30 Years, Manufactured in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Kuranda USA is a small manufacturing company based in Glen Burnie, Maryland which is about 15 minutes South of Baltimore.

Many people wonder where the name Kuranda comes from. The story behind the name and the company begins in Australia, in the town of Kuranda. This is where the company originated before it was purchased by Michael Harding in 1987. At the time, the business was made up of 2 products; a circular, trampoline-style dog bed and water removal systems for athletic fields (a natural pairing, right?).

Kuranda imported the Australian built Super Soppers for the first couple years. But, due to the popularity of the Super Sopper here in the US we began to produce them domestically. Everything on the Super Soppers you buy from us is manufactured or processed in the USA. We manufacture them by hand at our warehouse in Glen Burnie, Maryland and ship them directly to you.